10 year Reunion show with prolific Salvadoran guitarist and good friend, Jaime "Hulk" Varela

Jaime 'Hulk" Varela, is one of the most prolific and influential guitarists in El Salvador, and a very good friend and colleague of mine. For years I've looked up to him, as he is a truly integral guitar player, in my opinion. He can do it all: Jazz, Metal, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Bossanova, you name it. He moved to Texas about 3 years ago, and we had been wanting to get together to perform but never got the chance until recently. When I heard that Hulk would be in town, I had first planned a duo gig with him, but later contacted my bandmates to try and put together a last minute full band show, which ultimately became a memorable night of music, good friends, family, and even a special guest: Diego Muyshondt, drummer of Boneyard, who also joined the JZB for a couple of tunes. Boneyard was one of the first bands in El Salvador to start recording original music in the 90's. I always looked up to them and dug their stuff when I was a teenager, and was starting to get serious about writing and performing music at the time. While Diego lives in Weston, FL, Boneyard has been producing new music since the pandemic lockdown began, and we've been able to share some fun moments on stage here in Florida with Diego jamming on drums at places like Two Georges and other local venues around town. 

Make sure you check out these two incredible artists: Jaime Varela, and Boneyard El Salvador. Support independent musicians!


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