After Covid 19 hiatus, Bruja changes its name to Jorge Zarruk Band

After coming out of a Covid-19 imposed hiatus due to federal and local mandated as well as personal health concerns, the band has returned more energized than before. "I think there's a new appreciation that has grown out of all that time we spent being apart, and unable to express ourselves through our craft. I'm sure almost every working band out there felt it once they returned to the live stages. For us, we went through a process of rebranding, by changing the band name to reflect a more straightforward approach to Rock n Roll and Blues, leaving the Reggae material behind, which was a part of the musical alchemy of the Bruja days. We are focusing more now on rock n Roll, and we had to adapt to reformat the band a trio, since Monique Chalk, our keyboard player, and back up singer of two years, relocated to New York City. I personally love the trio! Its super tight, powerful and more fierce than ever."

During Covid, Jorge stayed very busy producing music from home, and ultimately releasing two songs, the first of which was later pulled out of the streaming platforms due to issues with the audio formatting. It was the single "I Can't Breathe", written to protest the unjust murder of George Floyd and other black citizens, and to support the Black Lives Matter movement. That single will be re released soon. The second song, a Rock instrumental called "Tearing Down the walls", is now available on all streaming platforms. Both songs were entirely produced at Jorge's home studio. "I recorded all the instruments, including some keyboard for background instrumentation, along with bass and the usual guitars and vocals. It was my first effort to produce something, mix it and master it, and all in all, I'm satisfied with the outcome. I've realized I have a love for music production, and want to focus more and more on releasing songs, whether it is a solo effort, or not. The freedom to do it all yourself in your own home is truly liberating, and I need to do that more. "

Make sure you look for Jorge Zarruk on Spotify, and not Bruja, to listen to the new single. 

 "I knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge, and maybe confusing for people, now that we have a new profile under the Jorge Zarruk name on the streaming platforms, but it was necessary and part of the rebranding effort. This really is a new chapter in the band, and we're still working on new material, and looking forward to releasing more soon. We thank our friends who supported us through the lock down periods, by attending the livestreams from home, and now who have started to come out to the live performances. We look forward to playing live more, and getting back to our routine as before, there's no doubt about that." 

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