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Review of BRUJA EP "False Prophets" by Tape Drop

Release Date: November 1st, 2019

 There is a difference between an illusion and magic. An illusion is something that appears to be one thing and ends up being another. Magic is an unexplainable occurrence that sends chills down the spine. The same feeling I got after experiencing a performance from the Delray Beach warlocks of rock, Bruja.....The band's caldron of genres range from Funk to Blues with a spectrum of other influences spicing the mix....The band's chemistry produces a warm, family like vibe. They feed off of one another’s strong points and have a mutual respect for the collective talent the band offers as a unit. 

Nick Longo VP Marketing Amplified Distribution/ Luthier and Founder of Bummer Guitars 

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Review of BRUJA EP "False Prophets" by Artist Reach

From crunchy guitar swells, ambient keyboard textures, a dangerously groovy and punchy rhythm section all topped off with anthemic vocal melodies and top-of-the-line production value, “False Prophets” is a stroke of true genius. Bruja comes together nicely to bring a collection of solid grooves to the forefront of each track very effectively, but it’s also a record that showcases each member of the machine and the impact their individual musicianship brings to the table.  

Justyn Brodsky - NBC Universal Producer 

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