Jorge Zarruk Band, formerly Bruja, is a South Florida band that mixes elements of Rock, Funk, and Blues to create a synergy of tight and punchy grooves that are guaranteed to get you moving. The lyrics speak of life lessons, personal growth and self discovery.

The band is led by Colombian born singer-songwriter, Jorge Zarruk. raised between El Salvador and South Florida most of his life. The decision to rebrand the band and its image, to the more straightforward name, was a conscious decision Jorge made to shed the skin of the past few years, and reemerge more energized and focused after this long 16 month Covid imposed hiatus. 

The band has scaled down to a power trio format now, with a harder edge than before. The sound is more focused on Rock n Roll, with its ever present influences of Funk and Blues always spicing up the mix. You can expect new original music, some of which was written and recorded by Jorge on his own, during the lockdown period of 2020.  

Songs like "Tearing Down the Walls", released on all streaming platforms, initially as a solo effort during this time, is a hard rock, in your face instrumental that conveys the feelings frustration, fear and anxiety we all experienced during the beginning of the Covid lockdowns, while songs like "The Search", a very personal yet rocking song that speaks of a young man's right of passage and self discovery, shows us a more Rock inspired and driven band, than the multifaceted Bruja format was in the past. 

With shows finally being booked starting at the middle of October 2021,  we are ready to get the Rock n Roll train rolling full steam ahead once again, with a fresh and energetic take on the music, and a newly found joy and gratitude towards the music. We can't wait to show what we've got!

The band members are: 

Jorge Zarruk -Lead Vocal/Guitars/Harmonica

Jorge's a multicultural singer-songwriter and guitarist whose primary love for Blues guitar seeps into any genre he approaches, making for a fresh blend of Blues-Rock and Funk Rock. Jorge started to compose and write music at the tender age of 15, and over the years, his style has evolved more and more. Being in original projects in El Salvador, like Zoom, a power trio he founded, then later Little Bird Bone, which he also co-founded and recorded a 6 song EP back in 2012, taught him to appreciate the struggle that it is to make music sometimes, and he learned that determination and focus on recording and producing music, is at the core of being a true musician. He has since set up his own recording studio, and started to produce and release music on his own, which you can hear on all streaming platforms now. 

Gary Nelson- Gary has deep roots in the local scene here in South Florida, along with his long time friend and bandmate, Harry Brooklyn. Aside from releasing a Progressive Rock Album under the name Beggar's Opera in 1992 alongside Harry, they both performed in a renowned Pink Floyd tribute band called Run Like Hell back in the 90's. There's even a pretty surreal story of Jaco Pastorious blowing up Gary's Bass Rig at a gig in the 80's. He's a force to be reckoned with both on the bass and vocals, and with his entrance into the band, a new era has dawned for JZB. 

Harry Brooklyn- Drums/ Percussion

Harry is a master drummer, with a dangerously talented and versatile style. He's a power drummer at the core, very dynamic and explosive, with incredible chops that would leave most drummers gasping in awe. He has also played with some of the best and well know bands in the area, including Living Daylights, and Bobby and The Renegades. Although his roots are in Rock and Blues music, Harry can swing with the best of them when it's time to get crazy and jazzy. Aside from being a seasoned and well respected veteran in the Soflo music scene, he also teaches drums to the young, up and coming talent at School of Rock, in Coral Springs.